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NomadLab IGF – 1 Long R3
NomadLab IGF – 1 Long R3
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Fellow Bodybuilders

IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) is a supplement available for bodybuilders that can help stimulate muscle growth and increase fat loss. It has a molecular structure that is similar to insulin and shares 50% of the amino acid structure identity with insulin. It is similar to insulin in the ability to stimulate glucose uptake into fat and muscle cells. Because it has been shown to stimulate anabolic effects in adults. it has become a important supplement to bodybuilders and athletes.

With the right IGF1 R3 Long dosage, muscle growth can be pumped to the max! The primary function of IGF1 R3 Long is to stimulate cell growth. Cells in every part of the body benefit from IGF R3, cells in skin, internal organs, cartilage, bone, nerves and muscle are all affected by IGF1 R3. It can also help with the aging process by preventing the degeneration of bones, skin and muscle. Bodybuilders are interested in IGF1 R3's abillity to promote muscle growth and increase fat loss. Other potential benefits are: stimulates muscle growth and benefit the most important muscle "the heart", helps burn fat, helps regenerate nerve tissue, decreases LDL cholesterol, helps restore and maintain bone mass, support sexual performance.

IGF1 R3 is usually taken in doses of 10mcg or more. Every vial has 100mcg per vial. Those seeking extreme muscle growth take upwards of 40mcg per day. The best time to take the supplement is immediately after training. Usage should last for about four to five weeks followed by a corresponding time off the supplement. Dosages may vary with body weight, it may take some time to detirmine the correct IGF1 R3 dosage. Finding the proper dosage will help maximise results and help shape a prime bodybuilding physique. Bodybuilders experience amazing muscle growth and density using IGF1 R3 regularly. Bodybuilders also report higher energy levels and faster muscle recovery time after hard workouts. They also reported staying lean while conmsuming large amounts of food.

Our Nomad bodybuilder started by taking 60mcg to 100mcg every day after every workout. It must be injected directly into the muscle that you just trained and it must be injected into clean muscles. In other words muscles where no anabolic steroids our oily substances has been injected recently. It gets injected with a small insulin syringe so it is very easy to site inject. Because IGF1 R3 has a molecular structure similar to that of insulin we have found that it makes you more insulin sensitive if you are also taking insulin with your IGF as part of your stack.


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