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How to take my Nomatropin

Step 1 – Prepare your growth hormone. Open the box and find the small stone wrapped in paper. Remove it from the paper and take one of the ampules of water and use the stone to scratch a mark under the blue dot on the ampule with the intention to weaken the glass on that point to enable you to break the ampule. Hold the ampule in your one hand and break it away from the blue mark where the mark is. It should break off easy and clean. If it does not break easily you should make the mark even more prominent and attempt to break it again. It must break with ease otherwise the mark you made was not good enough. Do not force it because the ampule might shatter completely in your hand. Take an insulin syringe marked to 100IU on the outside. That will equal 1ml and that is precisely what’s in the ampule. Draw the 1ml up into the syringe. It should fill the syringe up to the 100 mark. Break the plastic cap off the other vial and mix the 1ml of water into your 10 international units of Nomatropin. You now have 1ml of active solution with 10 international units of growth hormone inside and it is ready to be administered.
Step 2 – Know your measurements. You now have 10 units of growth hormone in 1ml of water and 1ml of water will measure a full insulin syringe marked to 100 or two full syringes marked to 50 it depends on if you bough 0.5ml (marked to 50) or 1ml (marked to 100) syringes. That in effect means that every 10marks of the insulin syringe (irrespective if it’s the 0.5ml or 1ml syringe it stays the same) will be a tenth of a ml and we know we have 10 units of Nomatropin in every ml of water so in other words the 10 mark on the syringe will be 1 unit of Nomatropin and the 20 mark will be 2 units of Nomatropin and so forth. If you want to take 2 units you will now draw out of the mixed vial into the insulin syringe up to the 20 mark. If you want to take 3 international units of Nomatropin you will have to draw to the 30 mark on the syringe.
Step 3 – Where and how to inject. The injection must be taken subcutaneous for a slow and constant release into the system. It could be taken intramuscular but that causes it to release into the blood stream very fast and reduces the efficiency of the product. Take a part of your skin either on the stomach, inner thigh or anywhere that you feel comfortable and make a fold in the skin by pinching it between the index finger and the thumb. Inject with the insulin syringe the mixed formula into the fold of the skin until the syringe is empty. Insulin syringes are designed with a micro fine needle because people with diabetes have to take frequent injections every day and this ultra fine needle causes it not to hurt at all. A valuable tip is to only use a syringe once and then throw it away. If you use a syringe to draw with throw it away and use a new one to inject with because when your syringe is new the needle will be very sharp and will not hurt at all.

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