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Who would benefit from taking Nomatropin?

The human body produces growth hormone naturally via the pituitary gland. Especially during adolescence the pituitary gland will produce high levels of growth hormone for general growth of all bones, muscles tissues organs etc. When a person reach adulthood the growth hormone remains present in the body but the levels decrease dramatically. The older you get the lower the levels will drop. Growth hormone stimulates growth in most body tissue; this includes skeletal muscle tissue and all body organs with the exception of the eyes and the brain. Growth hormone stimulates growth by increasing the amount of cells rather than the size of the cells.

Aging people wanting to slow down the aging process
- Increase bone density.
- Strengthen the immune system.
- Internal organs re-grow after degenerating with age.
- Reduce wrinkling of the skin and causes the skin to be elastic again.
- Increase of muscle mass and tone.
- Reduce body fat.

People who are HIV positive suffering from wasting
People who are suffering from Aids wasting will greatly benefit from administering growth hormone. Due to the great loss of lean body mass and the wasting away of muscle with an Aids patient these problems could be greatly countered by taking growth hormone. Nomatropin will increase the muscle and lean body mass of an Aids patient and this is definitely one of the best known treatments for assisting the symptoms of this condition. This condition of wasting is one of the main factors that increase the risk of death.

Bodybuilders and competitive athletes
- Growth Hormone strengthens the connective tissues, cartilage and tendons that assist any athlete who does heavy weight lifting and increases his lifting ability indirectly by preventing join failure.
- Nomatropin decrease body fat percentage significantly.
- Nomatropin is also a very safe drug for any athlete that will have to do a urine test. There is currently no reliable method for detecting Nomatropin in a urinalysis. The only effective test method is blood sampling. This means that Nomatropin will remain a very popular substance for the drug tested competitive athletes.
- Unlike steroids that increase the size of the muscle cell Nomatropin increase the amount of muscle cells.
- Nomatropin is a very effective performance enhancing substance but it will not change an athlete’s performance or physique overnight and it is more of a long term administration that will show significant changes.



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